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隨想曲No.8 (Casual Music for Orchestra No.8)

隨想曲No.8 (Casual Music for Orchestra No.8)

SKU: C8001

This is a piece of music written for harp and orchestra in bB major. The first section of the harp and the orchestra expresses a light and pleasant feeling; the second section of adagio starts with a heavy bass, and the piece changes from major to Minor, which sounds darker, turns to accompaniment after a theme, which is given to violin, cello, and woodwinds and brass; the major third is the same tempo as the first, using many ascending or descending scales, and finally repeating the first to the end.


    Please go to the International Music Score Library (IMSLP) at the top right of the homepage to download and listen to this score and music files. If you want to collect them, please buy the score book here. A4 size straight format, perfect binding, color printing on front and back cover, beige Dowling paper inside, black and white printing. The printing part is printed by inknet, and the printing cost is 420 yuan within 80 pages.


    The author retains the intellectual property rights of the music book, and the buyer can use it for music academic research, music performance, collection, etc. If there is any reprint, it will be investigated.

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