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讓我們奮勇力前(Let's Go Forward)

讓我們奮勇力前(Let's Go Forward)




(The whole song is designed to encourage people to face difficulties and move forward bravely; no matter in any stage of life, we will face difficulties, face them bravely, and solve them. Escaping cannot solve the problem, and the problem still exists. I believe that as long as we are brave, God will surely solve it. Give blessings.)


    Please go to the upper right link of the homepage to download and listen to the score and music file from the International Music Score Library (IMSLP). If you want to keep it, please purchase the score book here. A4 size vertical format, perfect binding, color printing on the front and back covers, beige Daolin inside pages, black and white printing. The printed part is printed by inknet, and the printing cost within 96 pages is 434 yuan.


    The author retains the intellectual property rights of the music score book, and the buyer can use it for music academic research, music performance, collection, etc. If it is reproduced, it must be investigated.

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