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信仰歌聲Ⅲ (Believer's Songs Ⅲ)

信仰歌聲Ⅲ (Believer's Songs Ⅲ)

SKU: B3001

This book contains five tunes, two solo, mourning shorts (piano), performances for flute and clarinet (including piano accompaniment) and a woodwind quintet.


The work has "a deep cry, the Lord will not despise it", "Centennial National Song"...etc.


    Please go to the upper right corner of the homepage to download and listen to the international music notation library (IMSLP). If you need to collect, please purchase the music notation book here. A4 size straight type, plastic binding, color printing on front and back cover, inner page beige Daolin paper, black and white printing. The printed part is printed by inknet, and the printing cost within 80 pages is 420 yuan.


    The author retains the intellectual property rights of the musical notation book works, and the buyer can be used for music academic research, music performance, collection, etc. If it is reproduced, it will be investigated.

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