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《享受。恩》"Enjoy. Grace"

《享受。恩》"Enjoy. Grace"












(What is grace? Christians like grace; I remember that in a meeting, a brother mentioned that grace is not what we imagined. God gave us some material benefits, such as getting a better job and a better car. .. etc. blessings, these are graces, but they are not the best grace that God wants to give us. Grace is the Triune God Himself. Isn't that incomprehensible? It turns out that grace is the Triune God becoming our enjoyment.


I also like grace and external blessings, but I think that gradually, all external material things will decay and pass away. Only God Himself who has become a spirit is always with us, and the reality of all positive things that He is becomes ours. It's forever. God Himself is grace, and He wants people to enjoy Him. This is the God of grace, “Enjoy. Grace” This album is based on such a concept; may we enjoy himself more in our lives, the God of grace. May this album accompany you, return to the presence of God together, and live a life of enjoying grace every day.


The content of the album includes "Lord, I come to thee", “All things in the world are for you", “Calling in deep, Lord shall listen”, “Thanks to You"...etc. 10 songs; "Short piece for clarinet and piano No. 2", "Short piece for violin and piano No. 1", "Woodwind Quintet No. 3", “Casual Music for Orchestra No. 3", four instrumental pieces.


The album has been produced, waiting for the opportunity to meet you in the market, and it will be sold at a discounted price. In addition, it is saling on sale at “Tainan Superstore” now! Friends who like it are welcome to come and buy.


The Address: No. 10, Ln. 138, Zhongzheng Rd, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan)



    (Please respect the intellectual property rights of the author, and do not copy, reproduce, sell, air-play, etc.)






    發行日:2022  三月

    (Lyricist: Piggy (Cheng-Shiun, Li)

    CD designer: Piggy (Cheng-Shiun, Li)

    CD publishing: Piggy Music Composition Space

    CD production, art editor: SUOI Co., Ltd.

    Issue date: 2023  Mar )

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